Can We Bring These 3 Challenges of Selling Cloud Solutions Down to Earth?

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March 25, 2018

Navigating the sales process for software and cloud based solutions is one that comes with many challenges and obstacles. No matter the size, product or structure of the company, getting a product and service in front the right people and helping move them through the funnel is no easy feat.

We have looked deeply into the different pain points as we speak with our dozens of vendors and many of them come down to the same core obstacles that resonate with both big and small, new and old, niche and saturated cloud technology and software solution markets.

1. Finding Qualified Buyers

While different in some areas, the difficulty of not only targeted the right audience, but engaging a qualified audience is true for both highly saturated markets as well as niche, for large companies as well as startups. For small or newer startup companies it is difficult to break through the noise of larger and more established players. For larger and established players, it is difficult to attract qualified buyers rather than those just looking to glean free information, compare platforms, etc. but never intended to commit or purchase the product.

Nevertheless, engaging the rights audience to short the sale process by minimizing discovery and prospecting is a main pain point for all.

2. Long Sales Cycle

For many cloud technology products and software services, the decision for a company is often large including a hefty price tag, multiple year agreement, and many integrations or effects on other areas of the business. Therefore there are many stakeholders, departments and regulations, risks and reviews that go along with the RFPs and comparisons, requirements and implementation implications, payment structures, so on and so forth before a decision can be made.

All of that occurs after we at least have an understanding and knowledge base that the buyer is interested and progressing forward. The longer drawn out period is unfortunately more wrapped around the actual searching, reviewing, comparing and trying out of the actual product, the prospecting and vetting steps in the process.

3. Manual Processes

As mentioned previously, there are many groups of people that have different requirements in order for each solution to be approved. Aspects such as trials, and procurement processes often take various groups to help set up, meet, aggregate necessary documents, etc. before being able to move forward. Due to the difficulty and manual nature of most of these processes, it is painful to move from step A to B, to work through RFPs, billing and setting up trials. In the age of automation innovation, especially within our own industry and products we are selling, it is time that we begin to focus on how to automate the mundane and drawn out tasks for us to be able to focus on our core business elements and move on to selling more quickly.

So What?

What we found after looking deeper into these pain points is that while this sounds difficult for the seller, it actually is an even greater challenge for the buyer. These issues are common amongst both parties and are part of a changing shift that has and is occurring in the B2B Commerce for cloud software services and technology just like other industries – the power has shifted from the seller to buyer.

Here at OmniBased we believe that all parties have room to improve the process to resell products as well as for buyers to find, try and move forward with implementing products. We believe this so much that we have created an entirely free platform to help trusted sellers and qualified buyers find each other and improve the process through automated tools for trials, RFPs, procurement, billing and more to help increase the speed, simplicity and scale of sale.

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OmniBased is a B2B Commerce as a Service platform that helps match trusted software vendors and distributors with qualified buyers through a single, powerful end-to-end technology solution.

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