Upcoming Releases

In an effort to keep you informed with future enhancements and fixes, we will maintain this page with up-to-date information. If you are participating in Beta testing and provide feedback, we will analyze and include it here after the items are scoped.

Agent Module

Fix edit button on reseller module for vendors and agents

Fix agent login functionality

Ensure functionality of rich-text editor is working

Enhance pricebooks license minimums and alerts

Buy Process Changes

Update target locations upon clicking buttons

Confirm buy process for vendor functionality and no cost

Ensure all links in the platform are associated correctly

Editions & Pricing

Vendor will be able to create, edit and delete editions & prices

Vendor will have the ability to  change the order  editions are displayed

Remove the popup for editions & pricing

Vendor will have the ability to add name of editions description

When vendor create price books for each edition, the reseller will inherit the information

Overall design enhancements on editions & pricing

Vendor will be able to deselect features to display in each edition

Editions & pricing will display as a tab on the product profile page as the second tab

Content for the marketplace will be on the additional tab and integrate with the purchase process


Add image of comparisons at bottom of catalog

Reduce logo height by 50%

Add remove button to top of each column

Add ‘show detail’ button on current view

Add section for ratings

Add section for ratings

Reduce width of product column by 50%

Lock product row and box size for company name in product row

Reduce height of title section in compare products by 50%

Change the order of how feature categories are listed

Add section for screenshots

Add buy button in product row

Reduce height of product row by 50%

Note if features are supported or not supported by default and overall design

Add ‘visit website’ button

Add blue box for feature category that extends with amount of products

Add ‘company profile’ button in product row

Overall design enhancements on editions & pricing

Add ‘show summary’ button for new view

Add go to TSE button

Increase font in feature description boxes to 16px

Add free trial button in product row

Technology Selection Engine (TSE)
Project Creation

Update logotype to new logo

Hide ‘choose template’ if no templates are available

Clicking on ‘add employee’ functionality should connect with employees

Update color palette to match branding

Choose product category drop down should only include categories with products present

Enhance the font size and color for the project

Move create button location

Decrease width of functional box on project page

Demo function should only display if there is a demo for the product

Align text and update font

Hamburger menu doesn’t work when not at full width

Add ability to save projects while in progress

TSE Project Creation

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