Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

Streamline Your Operations with Cloud-Based Unified Communications

Today every organization, regardless of size or industry, has sophisticated communications tools at its core. These tools can often be expensive and complicated, requiring an upfront investment of capital and regular support staff. What if there was a way of achieving this same level of integration and collaboration that was simpler, more flexible, and more cost effective?

Unified-Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) can help make this a reality. UCaaS promises seamless integrations with business processes at a lower price-point than traditional premises-based solutions.

  • Increased productivity and efficiency with real-time collaboration
  • Consistent user experience for mobile and remote users
  • Seamless integration of real-time and non-real-time applications
  • Reduced costs – no need for dedicated staff and support systems
  • OPEX with consolidated billing and lower rates
  • Flexible and scalable – only pay for what you need
  • Integrated customer contact across multiple communication channels
  • Built-in redundancies for business continuity and disaster recovery

Unified Communications Features

  • Voice

    HD voice on desktop, mobile or soft phone devices with full cloud communication features like simultaneous ring, 4-digit dialing, DID, and Voicemail to Email.

  • Video

    Instant HD video calling from your desktop video phone, mobile device or browser.

  • Instant Messaging & Presence (IM&P)

    Chat and share files with team members quickly and easily, switching to voice or voice call with the click of a button.

  • Desktop Sharing

    Instantly share your desktop with anyone in your company without the hassle of switching to a different desktop sharing platform.

  • Collaborate

    Collaborate easily with anyone, even those not in your network, with our simple collaboration room.

  • Integration

    Seamless integration with the third-party apps that you use every day for increase business productivity.

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