Buying Into the Experience Change

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March 25, 2018

Experience. It is a part of all that we do and it is ever evolving. During the current growing wave of experience driven businesses, it is impossible to avoid the disruption in the B2B buying process. To some it is exciting, to others it is scary, but nonetheless, it is very real.

In some businesses, the evolution of production and execution jobs have subliminally changed by adding a bit of automation, or streamlining some processes to all employees to be more of a value add than a task closer. Others are completely turning their business model on their head, disrupting all departments, competitors, and core functions.

With this constant change being forefront of all minds, we expect to have enhanced, simplified buying experiences. As a buyer in any sector, we expect the bar to be risen, we expect to be treated with quality and exceptional service, and we expect to be surprised and delighted from the experience. It has become an omnichannel experience that flows through every step of the process.

Some key areas where we have a seen a shift in the B2B buyer experience include

Research and Comparison Capabilities

The search engine era. The world at our fingertips. This is wonderful for buyers as you don’t need to go with the biggest shop in town, or your colleague’s advice. You are able to pull and compare many features and functionalities of solutions and easily demo what works to custom needs.

Customer Service

Remember the old switchboard? Or better yet, remember when you could press 0 to speak with a person? Oh, and that super annoying tell Bob, get transferred to Susie, repeat situation, get transferred to John, rinse, wash, repeat for 20 minutes? While that is still applicable in some smaller mom and pop companies, we are slowly shifting to a better and more efficient experience where you are auto-routed to the most helpful assistance, and where your information is already pulled up and follows you along the way.

User-friendly Platforms

The average Joe is now able to build websites, send emails, manage contacts and so much more from the systems that have taken what was previously needed, for example hiring expensive master coders, to simplified drag and drop customizable capabilities.

Post-Purchase Follow up

For better or worse, one sale is not enough. You are always able to upgrade, add on, change paths and extend the relationship with the vendors and their solutions. And they know that too. That is why it is so key and valuable that we receive surveys, additional information on products and solutions, loyalty programs, etc., post purchase.


We are creating these experiences with you in mind to change the technology and software solutions you purchase. We are thinking about these elements every step of the way. We are a part of the disruption and a part of the solution.

We here at OmniBased understand the omnichannel experience you want from beginning to end, in one single solution. We have the answer and we are here to help. Contact us today to learn more on how you can find the right solution for your needs, the right tools to analyze, and the right service to implement, all  in one place.


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