6 Resolutions for Your B2B Cloud Purchase in 2018

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March 25, 2018

And so another year has gone by. Another year of being pushed by salesmen and funneled into a purchase that you aren’t sure you want to make. While we have taken many steps towards connecting the people around us, we are still not not in control of our decision process.

With the many new breakthroughs that have come out of this year, comes the great opportunity for consumers and businesses to evolve their technologies and processes currently in place to maximize efficiencies, increase automation and provide a smoother and more effective experience for the consumer. However, the process for B2B technology buyers has remained stuck in the olden age where we are often forced into a sale and are not as informed and confident as we can be.

As a B2B buyer, what are you looking to accomplish in 2018? I would imagine this year you want to be the hero. Be in control and mitigate any risk that comes with the decision. We completely agree and therefore are pronouncing 2018, as the year of Power to the Buyer. To embrace this revolutionary resolution, we are providing you with the top six ways to ensure you are the hero in the process of making the best purchase decision:

1. Be informed

As a purchaser of a new technology for your company, you want to know everything there is to know about what is available in the market. What does each product have to offer? Who is offering the feature that I need and at what price does that come? Are there any new entrants to the market that I may not be aware of.

Take 2018 as the year to learn all there is to know to make that decision in confidence as a powerful buyer. This means understanding the full breadth and depth of what all vendors have to offer including their security policies, what’s needed for integration and deployment, the product’s track record based on unsolicited real users’ input, and what types and sizes of customers the vendor typically serves. Other elements to be sure you are informed on may include if they use open source, their support model and other aspects specific to your organization’s needs.

2. Take control of the decision

This may seem like an impossible task. Maneuvering through salespeople, getting the real facts, being presented with all information and so much more is often not as easy as it should be. We are sales forced and feel powerless in the process. This year embrace power to the buyer. Take the purchase into you and your other decision makers hands and feel confident in the decision. Don’t let marketing ploys, persistent calls and sales pitches be the reason for a purchase, but instead use the information you have to move forward based on trust and comfort in the decision.

3. Be organized

Oh, the joys of a new project. Creating many documents and conducting research. Herding stakeholders and analyzing feedback. Managing purchases and all reporting. It can be overwhelming and easily lost in shared folders and amongst hundreds and hundreds of emails in your inbox.

Make 2018 the year that you centralize your materials, feedback and research to ensure that you have all you need to make your decision and reference back at any point in time.

4. Collaborate with decision makers

As a teamplayer, we know that all voices need to be heard and all input needs to be captured. If someone in finance doesn’t have their opinion voiced, there may be hardships throughout the year after the purchase that the wrong decision was made. Buy in throughout the process from finance, operations, engineers and all other user groups is key to the success of the purchase.

Therefore, we believe that it is key to capture all of departments and decision makers’ opinions in a singular location. Better yet, we think that there should be specific weighting based on the position and function that each person represents. This would help you in analyzing and answering any questions down the road. The best part, it yet again will help you be confident in making your next decision having a full trail of who said what.

5. Maximize time

We all know that time is of the essence. It often seems impossible to get everything done in a working day. With that said, we are terrible as humans at maximizing time due to a number of different reasons.

When thinking about purchasing a new B2B cloud solution, we know that this is not your full-time job. However, with the number of steps, back and forths, and qualification that is involved, it often becomes that of a full-time job.

This is the year to take that time back. By being more organized and informed by utilizing tools and references, you will be well positioned to make a decision in a shorter period of time.

6.  Minimize risk

Ok, so you saved time. But oftentimes this may feel that there is risk involved. There is nothing worse than buyer’s remorse after selecting a large cloud solution to purchase. This is the reason that companies often go with the big guy instead of the smaller custom solution, because the big guy is established even though the small solution may be a better fit. We know these decisions can be risky and therefore we believe this is the year to utilize all the information and collaboration to your benefit to make an empowered and risk free decision.

Join us in the launch of #P2B2018 (Power to the buyer 2018) to change the game we have all been a piece of up until now. This is no longer a sellers’ world, but a buyers market. No more being funneled through a calculated sales funnel from a sales force to make a purchase, but instead take the power and control into your own hands through a thoughtful and empowered solution to find and suit your needs to discover the next cloud solution that fits your customized needs.

Stop going along with the trends and stand firm and confident with your decision. Remember, this is the year of power to the buyer and you should have all that you need to make an informed, efficient and effective decision. You should have the trail and proof that all agreed and sleep well knowing that the best solution won.

We believe that along with those changes and resolutions you persist with in 2018, the revolution and technological evolution will also hit the B2B world in 2018. Within your firm this upcoming year, don’t focus on the resolutions and goals that you will have as a company, but at the ways you will evolve and join the revolutionary new way to discover, purchase and implement your next cloud technology.

Aside from losing weight this year, let’s set resolutions to lose the cost, lose the risk and lose the pressure of being forced into a sale in 2018. So here’s to the new year, the new way and the new revolution for buying cloud technology!

To put this revolutionary resolution into action, learn more and sign up for OmniBased today.



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