Time for a Little Digital Disruption

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March 25, 2018

We have all seen the term. We have all felt the effects. Many of our everyday tasks as well as our personal experiences are being transformed on a daily basis by the evolution or disruption of expanding and changing technologies.

Yet, why are we, the technology users in the workforce, still operating in the style of the caveman when purchasing intricate and highly technical systems? To me it feels like starting a Tesla with a buggy whip.

When searching for the perfect solution we feel confined to products recommended by friends and the top results from Google and aren’t able to really dig deeper to get a full look at all the microorganisms in this body of cloud software and services.

We continue our outreach and research by dealing with outdated cold calls and canned sales pitches relevant to 10% of our specific requirements and team’s needs.

Because of our under resourced and overworked teams, we aren’t able to spend the necessary time defining and trying out areas of the potential products and therefore might come to a less qualified, less than perfect decision that will stick with our company for an indefinite period of time.

This has got to stop.

We need to operate and experience the same service and collaboration in a purchase that we provide to our clients. We need to know that we are making the best decision for all users of the solution while providing the best value to our company. We need to move out of the ancient times and move into the experience era where the buyer is charge of what they want, when they want it.

As you can see, I feel your struggles, and I am here to do something about it. By creating OmniBased, I am putting the power back into the hands of the buyer and opening up endless possibilities of collaboration, automation and ultimately satisfaction.

I believe in this so strongly that this is tool is completely free to use for the vendor, distributor and buyer in the process. By doing so I am ensuring that this platform is unbiased and will reach those who might otherwise not be able to access a wide net of buyers or know of niche solutions.

This platform is designed to transform the B2B buy and sell process to be more like B2C in order to increase the simplicity, scale, and speed of the purchase or sale. OmniBased takes out the need to search for trusted vendors and qualified buyers and automates the tasks that today are manual and tedious such as requesting an RFP, trial, as well as reviews and ratings on product features.

I believe that we have the power to change the not only the mindset, but the actual results of today’s sell process. With the potential and innerworkings that OmniBased has fostered to help all users in all steps of their journey, we will turn the process on its head making it truly a buy process.

For more information on how you can begin to buy or sell on the OmniBased platform for free today and always, please reach out to me at partners@omnibased.com and visit omnibased.com for more information.

I look forward to being the change we wish to see and empowering all technology users.

Neal Axelrad

OmniBased Founder

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