Cloud Software Solutions

  • OmniBased platform is dedicated to providing revolutionary cloud software solutions for vendors, partners, agents and buyers through a suite of state of the art tools free for all to use. Select your role below to learn more about how OmniBased can simplify and elevate your buy and sell process.

For the first time, there is a dedicated platform to bridge together trusted vendors and agents to qualified buyers. Learn how the revolutionary software purchasing platform will increase efficiencies and manuals efforts in the current B2B cloud purchasing process for a mutually beneficial collaborative experience.

Why our Platform provides the best solutions

Of The best cloud software for business


Analyze and review data, purchases, processes and more in real time with built in metrics.

Cloud Integration

Plug in seamlessly with existing systems for deployment, billing invoicing and more.


Collaborate with team members and learn from real users and experts across products in the OmniBased community.


View all key elements of your experience including reports, tickets and deals  in one simplified view on your dashboard.


Manage your possible, current and closed deals to ensure all process are moving along.


Deploy any product using Cloud66 based on predetermined product guidelines and templates.


Automatically send and receive invoices from a single system for all products.



Access and reach a vast network of cloud products and users across services in one user-friendly marketplace.


Set costs for products in one place. Allow for different licensing bands and discounts when applicable.


Request information and proposals from a simple click on a product page.


Collaborate and vote as a team and individually on aspects of products.

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