New End-to-End B2B Cloud Purchasing System Launches Aiming to Change an Outdated Process

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June 25, 2018

Revolutionary, all-inclusive platform launched for B2B cloud software and service commerce

Breakthrough startup, OmniBased, has launched an end-to-end solution to bridge trusted vendors to qualified vendors in a free, intuitive and automated platform to shorten sales processes for cloud technology providers.

New York, NY
Published by PRWeb

June 26, 2018

Today begins a new era for B2B Commerce as a Service as OmniBased releases its ground-breaking solution for vendors, distributors and buyers of B2B cloud technology products and services.

According to Forrester, B2B buyers are no longer satisfied with fragmented, pieced-together, hit-or-miss digital experiences. They expect an omni-channel experience where they can view product information, analyze activities, see account history, take delivery, and return and exchange across all channels.

By turning the buy and sell process on its head, OmniBased has transformed the way both buyer and sellers transact to make it more transparent and efficient in every step of the way. The platform has eliminated the need for separate search, RFP, deployment and billing tools and combined them into one for a faster-qualified decision. They have eliminated buyer’s risk of selecting the wrong product, or buyer’s remorse, as well as given smaller, new or niche product a platform and voice to stand on.

The most incredible part about the solution is that it is and always will be free to register and always free for buyers to make their informed decision.

“We truly believe that giving the power to the buyer is beneficial to radically improve the way that businesses and customers transact with each other. By offering tools to search, compare, purchase and implement in one location, we are able to level the playing field for all parties, and more importantly, speed up typically drawn out sales process.” – Neal Axelrad, Founder and CEO.

This cloud-based commercial and technical platform allows vendors large and small to reach a much larger audience. By including features such as demos and trials within the tool, it reduces the outreach that vendors need to do and therefore can lead to more informed and qualified buyers and ultimately a shorter sales process.

Through a vast offering of easy-to-use, automated and collaborative tools, OmniBased has removed multiple tedious and ineffective steps that prevent all parties from meeting their goals in an efficient and empowered manner. With the buyer in charge, there is no need for cold calling as the buyer can initiate once they are informed, they can collaborate with their colleagues on feedback, and they can deploy straight from the platform.

Power the buyer, power the bottom line. So join OmniBased today, the new way for businesses to discover, purchase and deploy cloud software and services.


To learn more and sign up with the revolutionary new platform free of charge, visit and get started. OmniBased welcomes all questions and feedback by simply emailing


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