Power to the buyer

It’s more than a saying. It’s  more than a feeling.

It is the new revolutionary mindset powered behind the vision of OmniBased!


“ POWER TO THE BUYER is a game changer. We believe that B2B buyers would like to make informed, collaborative and risk free purchase decisions unencumbered by the constant barrage of calls, emails and pop-ups that bombard them from multiple vendor that all push as hard as they can to WIN THE DEAL.”

– Neal Axelrad, Founder & CEO

Power to the buyer - N. Axelrad

Up until now B2B commerce has been driven almost exclusively by direct/channel sales. Nearly 95% of software platforms devoted to facilitating B2B commerce are sales and marketing tools; these tools focus primarily on: CRM, Marketing automation, email campaigns, call centers, SEO and the like.


The common and current prevailing practice behind this approach to B2B commerce is that more is better. More touches from sales to prospective customers, more products to sell, more information to provide. Get in the face of the prospect more than the competition and you will win the deal.


It’s as if sales organizations believe that if they can time the sale, overcome objections and get their message in front of the decision maker, they can close more deals, shorten sales cycles and increase revenues. That this “more touches are better” philosophy supersedes overall value proposition and product fit. This philosophy ends up creating an “us vs. them” dynamic between buyers and vendors.  Which is just plain dead wrong!

The current world champion of this us-versus-them philosophy is so passionate about forcing this sales approach on prospective customers that they proudly named their company SalesFORCE. They believe by leveraging and gaining additional insights on the way we think, behave and purchase, companies believe that they can manipulate us (or even FORCE US)  into purchasing products that may not be the best fit, or even meet our needs.


As we all know, in the current technological landscape that comprises enterprise digital purchases, procuring new technology can be fraught with risk.  Big software companies know this. As a result they strategically instill F.U.D (fear, uncertainty and doubt) into the sales process. This is why we often find that we purchase something because it is the best known, thereby mitigating FUD risk, but not necessarily the best match.


Purchasing professionals try to mitigate this risk by doing structured or ad-hoc (often expensive) research, seeking out references and relying on biased vendor information. Yet with all the additional information that is available to the buyer, the risks still exist. To date, there simply hasn’t been a collaborative way to gather information, collaborate feedback and confidently purchase a B2B technology solutions.

At OmniBased we fundamentally believe that by putting the power where it belongs, in the hands of the buyers, we will be able to mitigate risk, speed up the purchase and ultimately impact the bottom line through cost savings and efficiency.

Well, that is about to change.   At OmniBased we fundamentally believe that by putting the power in the hands of the buyers, they will be able to mitigate risk, speed up the purchase cycle  and, ultimately, impact the bottom line through cost savings and efficiency. This is what we mean by putting the power in the hands of the buyer which is where it belongs.


We understand that this is a disruptive way of thinking and challenges many of the norms and conventions that people have been operating under.  But this is the way it should have always been.   OmniBased is the only a full service Commerce-as-a-Service platform that bridges buyers to trusted vendors in a neutral, fully automated purchase process.


OmniBased represents the evolution of collaboration and information gathering that enables optimized B2B purchase process.  Essentially, B2B purchases work just like those in the B2C world such as ebay, amazon, etc.

Our platform takes the complex B2B purchase environment for large systems and software within the cloud technology space, and all the attributes associated with it (number of decision makers, vendor selection risk, etc) and creates an experience similar to the way we as buyers purchase products online at home.


Like those experience, the OmniBased platform is free for buyers to discover, decide, and purchase the solution that meet their needs and matches their affordability and timing.


We are here to turn the buying process on its head. Purchasers decide on their time, the qualifications, the reasoning and the timing for their next B2B technology solution. We remove the pushy messages and salespeople, empower the buyer while we eliminate risk in the decision.

It is time to rethink the buyer process.
It is time to be disruptive, and it is time to give power to the buyer.

Its about time we are done with forced sales or salesforce.  We do this empower the buyer’s decision and selection and purchasing process. In fact, you could say part of our mission is to eliminate the traditional sales driven processes entirely.

As a senior sales executive and serial entrepreneur, Neal Axelrad–the founder of Omnibased–has seen how the sales process as we know it doesn’t work anymore. He understands the ins and outs of sales and marketing, but more importantly sees the opportunity for improving the buyer’s experience.

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