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The Buyer solution centralizes the entire discovery, decision and procurement process on one intelligent Marketplace. Search & test software with the powerful Technology Selection Engine and collaborate with your team  to make qualified decisions. Find the most suitable software, while automated RFPs & POs will help easily and efficiently close the deal.

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  • Conduct all steps of your buy process in one place including search, testing, purchasing and deployment of products
  • Review and manage all software purchases on a single dashboard
  • Save time and costs through automated RFPs, POs and documentation flow
  • Communicate and vote with team collaboration tools on pre-chosen products
  • Access wide range of competent vendors, innovative marketplaces & infrastructure options
  • Track and analyze spending, billing, product recommendations, expert opinions and more

Technology Selection Engine

See how you can take your buying process from zero to hero by removing risk and leveraging a suite of complimentary tools.

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technology selection engine

You are purchasing complex solutions, so why are dealing with an outdated manual processes?

We hear your frustrations! That’s why we are putting the power back into your hands to make an informed and efficient decision.

We are entering a new age

It is time that our buy process caught up with the enhancements and transformations that our products have. The revolutionary platform that allows you to automatically move through a powerful buy process has arrived to minimize risk and give you confidence in your purchasing decision.

The power is in your hands to manage search, reviews, comparisons, documentation and cloud deployment. The best part? It is and always will be free to use!

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Technology Selection Engine

Search and compare products, consult with stakeholders in one account

Automated Purchase Process

Smooth document flow with automated RFPs and POs

Simple multiple purchases

Buy more software using the single purchase process……………

Payment gateways

Multiple payment options and intelligent billing reports …………

One click demo & deployment

Demo, deploy, manage software through Cloud infrastructure of choice

Analytics & Expert Community

Access statistics & predictions, rate products & partners, share advice

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Buyer Presentation

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