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OmniBased provides agents with unparalleled marketing and e-commerce, advanced reporting and partner management capabilities, and so much more.

While attracting new and repeat customers, OmniBased offers a one-of-a-kind Technology Selection Engine all free of charge to help buyers choose the right product and give you revenue growth.


  • Customize and brand your own Cloud B2B marketplace
  • Leverage user-friendly business analytics and reporting
  • Expand your partner network... SaaS, PaaS, Cloud brokerage and supporting services
  • Attract/retain customers with our Technology Selection Engine - it's a digital RFP engine like no other!
  • ...and of course, grow your revenue and profits

Differentiate from the competition by giving your customers access to our unique Technology Selection Engine, which simplifies product selection, enables collaboration, automates processes, and much more.


Custom Marketplace

One-stop-shop to set up your branded business

Sales Intelligence

Access sales intelligence tools from the industry’s deepest portal


Offer your customers a suite of tools completely free of charge

Partner Network

Browse our extensive vendor network to connect with top SaaS, PaaS and Cloud Brokerage providers

Reseller Management

Select vendors you want to represent from resellers you want to work with.

Automated Payment

Establish and setup automatic payments and billing in one easy-to-use platform

It’s time to take your business to the next level

Propel new and recurring income while offering top of the line cloud software solutions to your clients. Make more efficient and effective sales using the free OmniBased platform with automatics payments and reporting on your growing income.

There is a huge opportunity here for your business, so take advantage of it risk free, and free of charge as you take your business to the next level, or to the moon.

Become a full-suite agent with OmniBased for free today!

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