Can B2B SaaS buying be really like B2C?

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May 16, 2018

Why is buying stuff at home so easy and navigating
the procurement process at work so difficult?



Businesses are stuck in a sales driven process.

So B2B Buyer are looking for a better buying experience. But big sales and marketing companies are still clinging to their old ways. They say that they are going to to sell to people the way they like to buy.

We are calling BS

The problem is that people don’t like to be sold. How can company claim to have your best interests in mind when their sole interest is to sell you their product? A B2B buying experience only becomes like a B2C buying experience when the buyer controls the process. We are dubbing this crossing the chasm as the age of “Power to the Buyer”.

But today the largest sales and marketing companies are looking to arm their  SalesForce with all the latest technology – CRM, SFO, Marketing Automation, SEO and SMO tools they need to influence the sale with the goal of selling their own solution. Dog and pony shows, long sales presentations and the obligatory lunch.

So the journey has begun but it has a long way to go.

Why?… Because buying at home IS NOT like buying at work.

A B2B buyers Journey like Nightmare

…Does this story sound familiar?

Bill’s a Buyer who works at ABC Corp. He’s been asked to search for a new, complex, big ticket software-technology program.  But with limited time to sort through thousands of new software products and services, along with all the necessary vetting to mitigate risk and acquire stakeholder approvals, the pressure is on!

He does online searches, asks friends, colleagues and anyone else he can think of for advice. When he tries to get stakeholders together to review demos with vendors, everyone’s distracted and nothing gets decided. Yet, Bill is still responsible if things go wrong.  

Frustrated, he realizes there’s no effective way for buyers to search, find and transact with trusted technology vendors.  

At home it all seems so easy. He has a need. His watch is broken. He understands what he wants, A Rolex.

He can easily research it online, check reviews and expert opinions. He doesn’t have to ask anyone about features functions, interop or installation. He is his own one-man procurement department. Well almost. When he make his request for funding to the CFO, his wife, he gets the bad news – funding rejected. So he goes back to the drawing board and gets that awesome G-Shock from a marketplace that he trusts.

This is the same place he did his research and buys 60% of his online products from while using a trusted payment method. No fear, no risk, no second guessing his choice. Could you imagine the Rolex Salesperson showing up at your door at home with a powerpoint and sales engineer in tow? So why do you accept it for your business purchases.

Big Business is just not willing to give up control

b2b like b2c

We all know that business commerce still lags behind consumer commerce.  Producers of consumer goods have already embraced the entire gamut of online digital evaluation and purchasing for almost every level of product. For the most part B2B sales still relies on the, “who you know”, “one-on-one”, “nothing beats a handshake”, “ let’s break some bread” sale-purchase methodology. It’s manual, unscalable, inefficient, incomplete and so last millennium.

Using a 1000 year-old sale and procurement methodology for high tech software/cloud-based services is as ridiculous as trying to start a Tesla with a buggy whip.

The change is inevitable but there are hurdles

HubSpot nicely summarized this all the way back in 2013:

  • “The B2B audience is seeking efficiency and expertise. The consumer audience is more likely to be seeking deals and entertainment.“
  • “B2B marketers have a much longer chain of command to deal with.”
  • “The B2B buying cycle is often much longer than the B2C decision process.”

B2B purchases are more complex in almost every way. Multi-vendor solutions include a complex bidding process that may involve as many as 5 vendor “finalists”, implementation and utilization costs, training support and risks. The risks factors are just as high for the company and individual in charge of the purchase.

B2B buyers demand real-time collaboration both internally and across channels.

  • “Our research shows that, on average, a B2B customer will regularly use six different interaction channels throughout the decision journey, and almost 65 percent will come away from it frustrated by inconsistent experiences.”


  • “Mobile is becoming a must-have in business-to-business (B2B) commerce. More than half of B2B executives [are] reportedly comfortable making business-related purchases on a mobile device. This omni-channel functionality is a welcome transition away from the industry’s previous reliance on inflexible and inefficient legacy commerce systems.”

    Supply & Demand Chain Executive

Introducing Omnibased: Software Procurement Platform

It is our mission to put the power where it belongs, in the hands of the buyer. By developing the means and tools to help buyers be better informed, easily qualify and confidently decide on a product while developing the ability for them to purchase and deploy, we are shifting the power and developing a revolution. We aim to turn the buying process on its head by bridging qualified buyers to trusted vendors to eliminate inefficiencies, lack of communication, long procurement processes and difficult implementation.

Power to the buyer

The vision is to create an open, effective and resourceful platform for vendors, distributors and buyers to interact and automate where possible. By empowering the buyer with a suite of resources in our powerful Technology Selection Engine, OmniBased levels the playing field of available technology products and services and allows the buyer to make a more qualified, informed decision.

Powerful, Free, End-to-End SaaS Marketplace 

Our mission is so important to us that the solution is and always will be free for buyers to find and purchase their cloud solutions.
This cloud-based platform automates the manual steps and processes that take place while vetting and procuring a solution with key stakeholders to allow businesses to focus on their core competencies while allowing vendors to continue to innovate and optimize the solutions provided.


Get in Touch with Us

Whether it be for more information to sign up, to understand or to question, we welcome all outreach.
It is our goal to empower all of those around us by equipping them with everything they need to make informed decisions and purchases of B2B cloud solutions.
Simply give us your name, email and what you are reaching out in regards to and we will be in touch shortly. We look forward to working with you.

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